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Whether you’re old enough to remember the Joni Mitchell song, or perhaps the “hair metal” version by Cinderella, many computer users can relate to this famous lyric: “you don’t know what you got, until it’s gone.”


That is, many of us don’t back-up our important files because we’re too busy, don’t know how, or just don’t care enough to do it. But then the inevitable happens.

Whether it’s a hard drive malfunction, nasty virus, theft, fire, flood, or damaging power surge, your documents, photos, and irreplaceable home movies are gone in a flash.


It doesn’t really matter how you back-up your files, as long as you do something and fairly often – perhaps once a month or so for casual users.

Here’s a look at a few different ways,

and advantages for each.

iCloud Synchronization.


iCloud is a great Synchronization method provided by Apple and it will backup your iPhone and iPad but not your whole computer. iCloud is only a Synchronization method for your computer to sync with your other devices. One problem with Synchronization is that if you delete items on one device they are deleted everywhere.

External hard drive and Time Machine.


An external hard drive plugs into your computer’s USB port,  Using Apple's Time Machine program that comes standard in every Mac is the bast way to backup the whole computer. You can also drag and drop files over for safe-keeping.

  This is great for desktop computers like the iMac that can remain connected and take advantage of the automated backup of Time Machine but for Laptops you should have something you don't need to remember to connect. We tend to forget.

Monitored off-site and on-site Backup, Malware and Viruses.


This is a great option for anyone wanting a little insurance that there data will be safe.


You should check that your backups are working. Apple's Time Machine is very simple and that makes it very easy to use but also not many options. You will not get many warnings that it has not backed up so you must check the status. Make sure you check.


I have setup a off-site backup and monitoring system that backs up and moitors the status of all backups and all other functions on your computer like Malware , Viruses, hardware and software issures. All of this for only $20.00 a month. You must have some backup plan in place so call me if you have any questions.


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