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Your Peak email accounts are scheduled to be migrated to a new email server Wen 4-25-18 morning. Your email will not be lost. Once the change has occurred you or we will need to update your email client settings to get new email.


Your email account will need to be deleted and put back in on each device. Katie and Rick will be available to help.


During the transition your email can be accessed from your web portal. You should try this out and get to know your way around as it is a great alturnative to your email program.

Login will be your full email address and password:


Here are the updated settings. They may not be in this order depending on which email client and version you are using. Additional setting maybe found under “Advanced/More Settings”.


Account type: IMAP


Username: Your full email address

Password: Your account password


Incoming Server (IMAP Server):

Incoming Port: 993

Encryption/Security Type: SSL or Auto


Outgoing Server (SMTP Server):

Incoming Port: 465

Encryption/Security Type: SSL or Auto


You will have to define the username and password for both incoming and outgoing servers.



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