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More pictures and videos to come.


This truck can drive cross country today and feel great about it.


My goal with this truck was to make it look, feel and smell like a old truck but go on the highway and tow like a modern truck.


Comes with a easel and a 36" poster with specs and pictures that is great for car shows, see picture.



2- 292 motors, Transmission, Intakes and exhausts, fenders, bumpers ...

60's water bags...


At 70 MPH the RPMs are 2100, Great on the highway.


Chassis Frame: Stock with 3 added cross members



Ford 9" 2.75:1 Ratio

Traction Bars

late model progressive springs

Drum Brakes


Front Suspension:

Original I beam w/Corvette mono leaf springs.

Front Brakes: Power Disk Brakes using Hydravac under bed.

Steering Box: GM 1985 Power steering


Gas Tank:

Original behind seat



Enos Custom Components Black Box, 12 Volt.

All replaced wiring. All sodered


Drive Train

Engine: 1978 Inline 292

Stock size propane piston kit

High lift Isky cam

Head:250 head

Valve Guides milled to allow high lift cam

LS1 Positive valve stem seals.



80's GM HEI



Holley 490 on a Clifford heated mainfold.

2-Innovate Motorsports DLG-1 Air Fuel sensores and duel gauge.



Mufflers: Duel 2.25 inch with X-Pipe, 2006 Mustang GT 500 mufflers.

Headers: Clifford Research Duel.



SM 465 with compound low.


Body Style:

1951 3 window 3100.

Paint Looks like the day I got it from the barn..

Original 1951 Calif License Plates

Fulton Sun visor "original"

Custom Tonneau cover

Hidden Hitch tow kit

Original Wood Bed



Dashboard: Painted Nice

Radio Delete Plate / Paul Bremer

Headliner: Molded Fiberglass

Fabric / Jim Duval

Gauges: Haneline "5 in 1" with Tach

Stereo: I want to feel/hear the truck

Steering Wheel: Original / Paul Bremer

Steering Column: Modified for Power Steering

Air Conditioning: Window Cranks

Seats: Dakota Seats, recovered to match dash.


1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 Restored freeway inline 6 250 292

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