Serving SLO San Luis Obispo County Since 1994

Computer History

Everything I have done has helped with experience for helping with computers.    


Born in Hinsdale Ill and moved to Santa Paula CA in 1962

1972- 1976

Moved to San Luis Obispo

Went to Laguna Middle school then SLO High and graduated in 1976. I focused on Auto Shop and also took a Typing class that ended up being most valuable with computers today.

1977 to 1984

Collator Operator/Shift Forman

Worked a Wallace Computer Forms and gained a welth of printing and papers experance. 5 of these years I was a mid-night shift forman. I thought it would be easy to get another job and I was tired of working Mid-Nights.

1985 to 1994

Mortgage Loan Officer

Was trained to be a loan offices and got my first Apple Macintosh in 1986 and learned how to make spread sheets for loans and Data Base program to keep track of loans and clients.

I got tired of the Feds shutting down every bank I worked so I got tired of this and quit.

1994 to Current

Apple Service Techician

Un-Employed I visited my advertising specalest Erick Wand and he suggested I work on Apple Computers. Skeptical I gave it a try and it has been a great fit ever since.

I opened my first store on South Street in SLO and got my first Apple Authorisations. Due to Zoning disputes with the city I opened a nicer location on Broad street. Then in 2003 closed the store and started doing individual service only form Santa Margrita serving San Lusi Obispo county and remotely.