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Malware, Viruses and your Mac

The WWW is the new "Wild Wild West"

Apple has protected your computer from Viruses very well, People that make this stuff have figured this out and NOW they need "YOUR HELP".

Now we have Malware.

I often say you need to be Leary but not Scared of everything on the Internet. Sites like Facebook, News or pretty much any informational sites they are there to make money. One way to make money is to get it from you by subscription or trick you into something you don't need. Malware.


the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and/or credit card numbers.

CThe best way to avoid "Malware" is eduation and safe Internet practices. Any program that says it can help is usually a scam or the "Click Here" to "Read More" or "Login to your account" is usually a scam.

If any program is of any help, it is only after the fact by removing something that has already been installed. "Malware Bytes" is the only one I trust to help but it is also a after the fact repair. You can use it in demo mode and remove it after-words or pay the minimal annual dues which I do. It will not find and remove everything but it finds a majority of items.

The main reason any malware comes at you is to make money directly or Indirectly.


would be to point you to different search results so they get paid by those advertisers every-time you click on that result they make money. or sell your email address, or what ever information they can harvest.


would be to invoke urgency and that you need to act now by contacting them. This can be done by locking you your computer and so on. They will befriend you and work at convincing you that you need them, at some point they will want money.