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This is a safe and easy way to store Passwords, Serial Numbers and Other Information, And be searchable.

I have seen a lot of different ways of keeping track of passwords and serial numbers. From sticky notes everyplace to little books in the top office drawer.

This may have been OK in the past but with so many more now that they are much harder to keep track of and you don't have them with you when and where need them. I was lucky I had done this before my car accident and was stuck in the hospital.

Some apps/sites will ask to access your contacts and this is NOT fair to your contacts because they may be used to send marketing. DO NOT share your contacts.

I have found a simple way that works great for me and that is to use my Apple Address Book / Contacts and sync to all devices.

Since I have hundreds of passwords I need a way like this that I can "SEARCH" for the item as needed. If you store them in Notes or Stickies you can not search.

Apple ID, iCloud, Apple Store and iTunes Passwords are linked so, if you change one, you change them all.

A great way to confirm or reset your Apple password is to go to and login there. Never guess more than twice, you will be locked out of your account.

Use your "Contacts" to sync and find important information.

Make a new contact for each item or password that you want to keep track of.

Now you can search by any item or notes to find on any of your devices, like iphones, ipads and computers that sync with iCloud.


If asked to share or access your contacts, DO NOT!